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Mode of Payment

Please read very carefully the below explanation to understand our requested mode of payment.

  Our way of working is very simple !

       We agree the type of the merchandise and the price.

   About the payment, we have a strict policy which is not ours. We request 30% advance from the total value of the contract.

      Why do we need this advance ?

      Not for fun, be sure of that !

    We take all the industrial units to dismantle from the Government by auction and they request us 30% advance as a guarantee plus VAT 24%.

     Let’s say the industrial unit has 10.000 tons of scrap iron. We have to pay to the Government 30% for these 10.000 tons and this amount is lost for us till the end of the dismantling. This amount is required to be sure that the industrial unit is all ours and, most important, to be sure that the price will be the same till the end. But then we have to start dismantling and it takes other money. There is no problem about it. The Government condition is: no truck or wagon leaves the site unpaid.

     So, we could pay at the beginning 2-3 trucks, we transport the merchandise to the port where we prepare the merchandise and load your containers. But when you have all the drafts documents of the containers you must pay us 100% for each container.

      So keep in your mind please:

     You have to pay each container 100% at the draft of the documents because the shipping line requests us to pay them the shipping BEFORE they load the containers on vessel.

     Only in that way we have continuity and rotation of the money and merchandise. That’s why our motto is “Rotation and continuity is our religion”

      But don’t you worry about the 30% advance you paid us.

     This amount will be deducted at the end of the contract when you won’t have to pay 100% the containers but 80%, or 50%, or 20%, or … nothing at all.

   So when we have this amount in our hands, 30% advance, we give it to the Government, all of it, and it will be no longer available for us to do all the services needed to be done, meaning the transport of the merchandise from the site to the port, the cutting of the merchandise, oxygen for cutting, workers, equipments, weighing machines, stevedores, cranes, preparing the merchandise for loading into the containers, loading the containers, customs courier, customs fees, Alfred H. Knight inspection and so on. All these services have to be paid before or after 2-3 days.

   But if we do not have the continuity of the money to do all these we will block ourselves and we will come into a very black hole.



Here you have our Memorandum of Understanding form.

Please make sure you downloaded the form and fully understood it before completing it!


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