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Why Live Energy?

Since the beginning of industrialization, the evolution of human been has started a war against nature polluting everything possible: air, waters, ground, etc. 

To start removing the effect of a such a huge pollution is possible only without making any more pollution. 
This means anything coming out, any remainings from re-using of any garbage should have zero impact on our planet.

And here is coming this process, called Live Energy, to help us.
We did a lot of research and found solutions in using ANY MATERIAL WHICH IS USUALLY GOING TO GARBAGE BIN TO BE RECYCLED!! 

Here below you will find all details about!

Disintegration Project Presentation

Watch the video above… this is only a part of what we will implement, a part of a big Green Project!
Imagine a world where nothing is lost, buried or burned…. everything is going to be transformed in Live Energy!


Would you like to be part of it? To participate actively in this project?


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Our progress in this project

As you know, is quite difficult to prove over 8 years of work in a few rows.

We already started in our plan of producing Live Energy and acquired photovoltaic panels, pellets and we are looking forward in acquiring wind mills. 
You can be a part of this big project too…. Just contact us today to see how!

Above here you can see only a few of the documentations and approvals together with some pictures of the newly acquired products for this project.

If you want to download it and study you can do so in the below button.

Our goal...

We aim to a pollution free world and full recycling education. 
And to do this we have to start with us, as people and to invest in us, as country development. 
We know is not an easy task, but as you can see… we are moving forward! 
Our first target (implementing the Live Energy Project) is only a few months away! Then the other projects will follow…
We do invite all the businessmen interested to be an active part in our projects! 

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New Export Licence Just Arrived!

We got you covered! Our new export licence for USA, India and Vietnam has just arrived! Take a look below to see for yourself and contact us today!