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Honey, the best natural cure!

Honey is already known to be one of the most complex natural products.
It has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases with an impressive success rate.
That’s why we’ve decided to look for and bring you one of the few 100% natural honey producers.
Here are the products of APIS-PROD Ltd, which include:
– Acacia honey
– lime honey
– polyflower honey
– colza honey
– honey with nuts (known as a very good aphrodisiac …)

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Walnuts... your health in a nut!

Do you know??…..

The health benefits of walnuts include reduction of LDL cholesterol in the body, improvement in metabolism, and control of diabetes. Other important health benefits of walnuts stem from the fact that these nuts possess anti-inflammatory properties, aid in weight management, and help as a mood booster. They are also believed to slow down the spread of cancer.

So, Bio-Ghid International, as a company with all the desire and work towards a natural health can not stay away from this!

And here we are, presenting you pure walnuts, carefully selected and packed, ready to be delivered to you…

Just present your LOI on our contact page and we will deliver as soon as we have a firm contract!