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SC Magenta Trading SRL is a company founded in 2008 with the object of Activity code 1039-Processing and conserving of fruits and vegetables. It is a 100% private capital  company. The main activity is the production of Romanian traditional products such as zacusca, jam, sauces and syrups. At the moment we have a micro-factory in which we produce these products.
The main objective of the company is to further develop itself and to set up a new factory of traditional Romanian products and to increase the number of the employees involved in the manufacturing process.
Making organic products is not that easy! All processes need to contain only natural ingredients. From fertilizers to processing and bottling, everything has to be natural. This means no additives, taste enhancers, artificial dyes food gels or anything else. We have succeeded, however (in a relatively short time) to have a series of natural products from which we invite you to taste!

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Founded in 1990, COSELI, a private Romanian company, has as main activity the production, divided into several activities in the fields of: food, pharmaceutical, research and development, segments that have propelled rapidly among the leaders of the national market. During 20 years COSELI products have won customer’s confidence and led to strengthening its position as market leader in the field of ingredients for food production.

COSELI products for food industry stand out by their high quality, great taste, the flavouring power by using a small dose and various assortments. These are made at a high quality process and have favorable prices, as provided by the Quality Management System implemented by COSELI and ISO 22000:2005. In the manufacturing process the company use raw materials of the highest quality, provided by leading European manufacturers (in Switzerland, Spain, France), which is a guarantee of the outstanding quality of the products.


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The Project 
The project of the company is to extend the production factory, thru a crowdfunding project.
From a legal point of view, a credit
agreement will be signed, whereby every creditor will be guaranteed the return of the total amount
credited if the project is not started by the date stated in the contract.
If the project starts, creditors will be given the opportunity to participate in the production process.
The amount credited will be divided into:
-contribution for the equipment – which will increase the amount of finished products and the value of
the withdrawn amount.
– the production contribution will be the actual value for the raw material purchased and from which
the percentage will be given per production cycle.
* The production contribution is up to 1000 euro. This increases with the contribution to the
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We got you covered! Our new export licence for USA, India and Vietnam has just arrived! Take a look below to see for yourself and contact us today!