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Ecology Project Type Corner- Green - Bio


Motto : 

“We will not save everything we would like to save,
but we will save more unless we did not try at all. “

Sir Peter Scott (founding member of the World Wide Fund for Nature, a non-governmental organization

For nature conservation and ecological restoration of the natural environment).

Pollution has become one of the greatest dangers to our health and life.

SC BIO-GHID INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. wants to be one of the most performing companies in the field of waste management services in Romania. The company was founded in 2013, with the main purpose of greening, but not the only one, our company also offering collection services of non­hazardous waste, recovery of sorted recyclable materials and not in the last row, export of scrap iron and non-ferrous scrap. Our company through the professionalism and probity of employees and collaborators, offers these services of long­term technical and managerial expertise with an operational infrastructure powerful and service-oriented and innovative to help customers develop and get their own supports resource management.

Company BIO.GHID INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. has designed and elaborated together with COSELI Iasi and STELY – DUO­ TRADING SRL Ovidiu, Constanta AN UNIQUE EQUIPMENT PROJECT, which includes the recycling of materials, disintegration of waste, through a special installation, not by combustion, sorting and removing any kind of waste, other than iron and stone, neutralizing domestic waste and the capitalization of its energy potential, by the disintegration of the waste and production of electricity, hot water, etc., and the storage of electricity through the wind power and photovoltaic panels, as well as the production of Bio products, for consuming of the population, with the strictly recommendation, like all products (fruits, vegetables, fish, agricultural products, etc.) and food obtained, are only natural, all under the generic “Ecology Project Type Corner- Green – Bio”.

We are waiting for you in our tourist points, Bellarla Hotel Iasi and relaxation oasis in Ciolpani * county Ilfov.

Anyone of you, as an individual or company, on demand, like associate, investor, future shareholder in greening, you can become a participant in a business unique in Romania and the European Union, as well as in other states of the globe, because, this project can bring a consistent profit not only for you but also for more generations from now on.

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION, for recyclable materials and packaging; disintegration involves the destruction of toxic or non-toxic materials, organic substances, either solid substrates or liquid substances (destroy 99.999984%) of the toxic elements found in any raw material that is introduced into the system, DONE ZERO POLLUTION, all by teaching, sorting and rigorous application of a waste management, will make you an active participant in an organic restoration and in maintaining a natural environment for everyone.

Our mission is to develop a long – term and successful relationships with our clients. Our success is entirely determined by the success of our customers. Being an integral part of the community is important to us and we are also interested in creating a better living environment.

There is one thing we like to mention, the future. Not us like company, but we as the planet.

We are bound to continue to improve our practice and knowledge lead to a more friendly environment and to more important decisions for us, our employees, our families and our children.

New Export Licence Just Arrived!

We got you covered! Our new export licence for USA, India and Vietnam has just arrived! Take a look below to see for yourself and contact us today!