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We present ourselves as processors, producers and exporters with 15 years experience in scrap iron export of which 7 years is only to the Indian market. On this website we present the advantages of your co-operation with us. We make you understand the genuinity of the financial transaction in exchange of the contracted quantity of the materials, along with the continuity of long term contracts with competitive prices. The advantage of maintaining the same agreed prices and the quality along with the multiple sorts of materials produced is an integral part of our export policy. Our branches in Spain, Germany and Romania makes possible a fast and reliable financial transaction which helps us in timely execution of the orders. We have an excellent customer based in China and India to which we presently cater. We source our materials with special political and business relationships with our neighbours from the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia . At present we assure you export possibilities of ordered quantities at least for another 10 years from now. We are convinced about our commitments and are sure to do business with you latest after your visit to us. Welcome to our yards and processing areas in Romania ! ! !

What we do

We have a worldwide spreaded business, based on recycling of reusable materials and (more recently) reuse of non-recyclable waste in energy production, but without burning them!

As per recyclable materials we are ready to deliver worldwide as follows:

Being one of our clients will ensure you not only a profitable business (we offer competitive prices) but also stability in supplying with your needs!

Taking an active part in our new projects will be profitable not only for you, but for the entire planet and its future. Imagine what our planet would look like if 98% of all wastes were to be reused for the benefit of its inhabitants! 

How we work

The picture above is just an example of our meticulous way of ensuring that all certificates, contracts, export documents, cargo order is exactly in place with all legal rights of export, and (of course!) delivered every time in a perfect condition.

We do operate in two ports for bulk loading,  if you need your cargo to be delivered in bulk…we got you covered!

So, don’t hesitate to use the below button and place your order. You will be more than satisfied, like the rest of our clients!

Take a look at our new export licence for this year!

New Export Licence Just Arrived!

We got you covered! Our new export licence for USA, India and Vietnam has just arrived! Take a look below to see for yourself and contact us today!